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What makes WMF different?

Unlike most programs that exist for young mothers, WMF's goal is not to find women employment or to teach them parenting skills or to provide them with counselling, but rather to combine all of these elements to teach them how to successfully transition out of a life of dependence on social assistance programs to one where they are econmically indpendent and their families are fully connected to their communities.  This focus on transition is what makes WMF truly stand out from the other programs avaiable to young mothers and their families.

As a transitional program, WMF works from the belief that it takes more than 8-12 weeks to learn a new skill, and understands that in order to make real and lasting changes in her life, a woman must have ongoing support in more than just one area.  WMF creates an environment where women have the opportunity to focus on building their career paths, as well as strenghtening themselves and their families.  WMF teaches women how to acheive a healthy life balance in a safe, non-judgemental environment, and allows them the time to not only learn but embrace the skills necessary to do this.  Most of all, WMF teaches women that it is important to dream, it is necessary to plan and it is possible to succeed.