"Women Moving Forward promised to deliver.  Deliver they did.  They provided me with the resources and tools to finally create a path towards success." 

Shazia, 2007 Graduate

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Women Moving Forward (WMF) is a program that transitions women and their families from economic dependecy to finacial independence.  While some programs focus on employment, some focus on parenting and some focus on life skills, WMF offers women the opportunity to experience all three simultaneously, each focus building on and enhancing the others.  Using this holistic approach to learning and making life changes, WMF is structured to provide women with not only with the tools and skills they need, but also the time and support necessary to master each tool and skill.  Over the course of 8 months, participants' full-time course load includes:

  • Life skills:  supports women to develop improved skills in communication, conflict mediation, financial literacy, parenting, time management, self-confidence and personal goal setting.
  • Community Engagement:  educates women about the different levels of government and various government services they interact with, and supports them to become strong advocates for themselves, their children and their communities.
  • Group Talk:  provides women a safe space to openly discuss personal, social and systemic issues including examining past relationships as well as experiences of poverty and discrimination.
  • Reading and Language Circle:  teaches women the fundamentals of reading and writing through engaging activities and discussing the importance of literacy in every day life, including it's impact on their children.
  • Career Planning:  coaches women through the process of self-identifying skills and interests to create an in-depth professional development plan and helps women develop the critical skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career field.‚Äč

After graduating from the program, WMF continues to offer support to women and their families as they pursue their career goals.  This support includes helping them to overcome new barriers they may face such as OSAP debt repayment, the college and university application process or personal issues they may encouter.  This support is available to women as long as they need it on their journey, both from program staff but also from fellow program alumni.  As we say during program orientation, "once a woman moving forward, always a woman moving forward!"