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"I've always dreamed of going to college but because I had a baby and I was having a hard time I didn't think it was possible for that to happen.  That all changed when I got involved with the Women Moving Forward program.  Because of them, I was able to get childcare for my baby and they gave me that motivation to get back on my feet and start working on fulfilling my dreams - one of them to go to college.  They gave me the necessary tools that I needed to start my journey of going to college so I could finally get off Ontario Works and become financially stabled.  They provided me the emotional support I needed because I went through some pretty tough times.  Each time I fell down, they kindly reminded me what my goals were and I was able to move forward.  Now, I have been accepted into college and I will finally go to college in September 2010 and finally my ultimate dream has been fulfilled.  Without Women Moving Forward I would not be where I am today...WMF is one of the best choices I made in my life.  It was a life changing experience for me and I would recommend the program to any woman that is ready to move forward with their life!"  Sandra, Vivid Glass Angels

"Women Moving Forward helped me to analyze myself.  Before entering the program, I knew of myself but not about myself.  I didn't know what I wanted in the future, in fact, I didn't even see a future.  I was just going through the motions of life.  Through the counseling sessions and career planning sessions, I was able to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses as a woman.  I discovered strengths I didn't know I had and ways to strengthen the weaknesses in my life as well.  This encouraged me to move forward, knowing that I will face challenges but I will also move beyond them."  Chavenne, Painted Ladies 

"Staying at home with my baby became hard.  Guilt, shame and feelings of worthlessness would often take over.  I had to find something to do.  Then I started noticing signs for Women Moving Forward...I took down the number and when I finally called I didn't regret it.  In the interview I realized WMF offered everything I needed.  I was amazed.  It was music to my big chance at an education and career could be attained through them.  It was too good to be true...It's not always easy, but WMF offered everything they promised:  support, a safe environment to learn and help getting into University...thank you Women Moving Forward for giving marginalized women like myself a chance to better their lives and gain financial independence.  This program definitely changed my life.  As long as there are women like myself who are driven, focused, ambitious and willing to improve their situation, WMF will always be needed."  Teisha, Vivid Glass Angels
"I was drowning in an endless cycle, feeling like I'd never tread water again until the day I came across WMF.  I had no idea that one phone call would change my life.  Tools that I searched for to get ahead stumbled into my lap.  Now, I believe I can become the woman I was destined to be.  I have a lot of positive support, endless opportunities and I can finally begin to get my life back on track.  WMF has unlocked so many doors for me...I will provide my family with a healthy and happy life rather than an existence."  Neikeishea, Cypris Morphos

"Women Moving Forward is the best program out there for moms that
want to do more than just sit at home, clean, cook and just be a mom.  You find out who you are, your capabilities, and what you want out of life."  Participant from the Mother of Pearls
"After over a decade of bouncing from one dead end job to another, on and off Ontario Works, I came to the realization that Ontario Works lacked the resources and tools to assist in breaking my cycle of poverty.  The transition from Ontario Works to OSAP is one which is bombarded with obstacles, resentment and closed doors.  Not until I stumbled across a program located at the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre did I see a way to break free.  A program, appropriately named Women Moving Forward, promised to deliver.  Deliver they did.  They provided me with the resources and tools to finally create a path towards I am a first year university student financing my post-secondary education through academic scholarships and bursaries."  Shazia, Tropical Queens
"Women Moving Forward is the only program in Toronto that will let you dream big by discouraging you from thinking 'settling for less' thoughts and helping you expect more out of life.  The most important thing WMF has taught me is that I can defend my rights when authorities try to discriminate against me because of class, gender, race, with proper legal steps."  Participant from the Cypris Morphos

"To me, Women Moving Forward helped so much to realize my goals and dreams.  It was a way for me to take control of my future and education, and put in place specific action steps to reaching my goals.  Thank you so much Wo
men Moving Forward.  Here I come world, look out!"  Rachelle, Azure Queens

"Support for me is providing me with the resources that are effective towards my career choices, not what they wanted me to become.  That's why I joined Women Moving Forward.  It's the only program that prepares me for college and university and helps me to get into the mindset of setting realistic goals for my future.  Welfare doesn't do this.  WMF also provides me with an environment that is essential to stimulate positive growth for women who want to move forward and not be oppressed by the system.  Thanks to the support of the WMF program, I am a woman moving forward."  Kamela, Cypris Morphos

"Women Moving Forward is a program that is very supportive.  The faciliators actually care, support you and believe in you.  They try their best to help you succeed."  Marissa, Mother of Pearls

"Women Moving Forward is an important program for young mothers because they are in an atmosphere where they are treated with respect and equality.  It is also important because the program helps mothers network and get the support system they need to transition from dependency on assistance to self-sufficiency."  Participant from Royal Blue Pansies
"We are students striving for a higher education and respectable careers...we are single mothers on assistance but we are also women who want to contribute to society, who want to have a say in our lives, we want to be able to accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves. By accomplishing our goals we not only get the career we want, we also show our children that to set goals and work hard to achieve them, they can be anything they want and we also will be able to do our part to contribute to society."  Tianna, Vivid Glass Angels

"Women Moving Forward provides women with the ability to make dreams come true!  By supporting women to set goals, to achieve higher education, to overcome societal barriers, to challenge contradicting government policies and stigma's affecting young, single mothers, WMF teaches women how to become self advocates and community activists.  They provide the tools and knowledge to break the cycles of poverty so that women's children will also have the knowledge to dream big and achieve big.  There is nothing bigger and better than being with a group of women with a common goal of achieving socioeconomic self-sufficiency!  Dream big sisters!"  Venise, Tropical Queens

"The WMF program has given me hope, courage and the tools to get my life on track to where I am excited to start my post secondary education which will lead to a better future for me and my family."  Heyleen, Azure Queens
"Women Moving Forward gives you the tools and guidance you need that you may not have to achieve the goals that you have planned.  They also give young women courage and support.  It provides women with opportunity and events that otherwise were not available.  It teaches you to never give up."  Participant from Group 1
"I was a stay at home mom, depressed and lost, and I didn't know which direction to turn until one day I came across an ad about a program called Women Moving Forward that helps young single mothers who dream of going to university or college.  Making the call to Women Moving Forward has been the most rewarding step I have taken in my life.  They have supported me and still do in every way possible and I am glad to say I am on my journey to fulfill my dreams."  Participant from the Azure Queens
"Before joining the Women Moving Forward program, I was a single mother who was indecisive in everything: my life and my career.  After I became a member, I was able to find myself.  I knew where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do.  With the help and the resources provided, I can now see a bright future ahead of me for both my son and I."  Lisa, Mother of Pearls
"I would like to start by saying thank God for WMF and the facilitators that organize this program.  From the first phone call I knew this was a path I was destined for, I have gained many strengths which has made me a better mother, business woman and friend.  In closing, I am now able to vision my dreams, touch them, take them and achieve them.  Thank you Elizabeth, Tanya, Tanis and Shannon.  There is a special spot in my heart for you all."  Mitzy, Vivid Glass Angels